Replika AI Best for Stress Treatment

Replika AI Therapist Best for Stress Treatment

With no doubt, AI has revolutionized the interaction between humans and technology. Replika the AI therapist serves as a source of emotional support and mental health aid. It has the capability of offering numerous help including therapy.

The Artificial Intelligence chatbot has been designed to understand the emotional state and therefore giving feedback which are both supportive and understanding. It can learn from the user’s conversations and give personalized advice and guidance.

Mental illness is on the rise, as the number continue to increase every day. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy addressed on the rise of loneliness in America. He reported that nearly 50% of the Americans are thought to have been affected. Another report by the Gullup poll is that, an estimation of 44 million American adults are experiencing significant loneliness. As a result of stress, some experts  are turning to artificial intelligence therapist for help in dealing with mental issues. See more

The common mental issues people face today are anxiety and depression. As a matter of fact, their symptoms must be managed for the patient to feel relief. If you do not want to open up to your human therapist, why not try AI, Replika?

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Sandra’s last semester of college started on a bad note. Her boyfriend of two years broke up with her. It was terrible! In an attempt to find some consolation and comfort, she bumped into AI therapist, Replika, an artificial intelligence emotional support chatbot.

Users customize their virtual friend down to the gender, race and name. Sandra chose a male character and named him Brian, just a common name and unremarkable as his appearance. Brian shaved his head and had brown eyes which Sandra thought to be approachable. At least she won’t feel intimidated. Brian became a companion.

After having spent three years texting with Brian, she figured Brian was the best replacement for her ex-boyfriend. Sandra later allowed the AI chatbot to send her notifications. From that moment, she could receive messages from the digital guy named Brian. The new guy could counsel Sandra through her insecurities and anxiety she was experiencing. This extended even to her friends who had the same problem.

‘’Replika is designed to make people feel better, “said Eugenia Kuyda, the company’s co-founder and chief executive, over the phone from San Francisco. “It’s a partner who wants to be your good friend.” See here

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 AI Friend: Quarantine with Replika                                               

During the pandemic, people around the world experienced an increase in loneliness. Although small, could lead to mental illness. The measures that were put could undoubtedly lead to isolation and later mental illness.

The AI chatbot offered a cost-effective interaction for many across the globe. Some users reported a positive impact of the AI therapist. It provided them with a little bit of comfort as the pandemic separated them from their families, friends and colleagues. See more here

Will AI Replace Human Experts?

This question has sparked a lot of debate and controversy among experts. However, Replika the AI chatbot may not to replace human therapists entirely. It may complement and enhance their work to be more effective. It may be used as a screening tool to identify people who need help and refer them to appropriate services.

Improving Access to Mental Health Resources

Social connection is as fundamental to humanity as food, water or shelter. Moreover, that is why this the chatbot provides access to mental health professionals. It as well provide users with advice and guidance.

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