Dating a robot? Woman Married to an AI Chatbot is also looking To Mingle

The Woman Who Married an AI Chatbot Now Ready To Mingle

The 36-Year-old New Yorker, Rosanna Ramos, tied the knot on March 2023 with Eren – her AI husband. She hit headlines across the globe. Three months later, she has come out in a seemingly turn of events to admit that she’s open to a new relationship. Dating an AI is full of uncertainties but dating a bully is worse:

“I want to be with someone who actually listens to me and sees me there as a person, not like an object or like someone to use as a stepping stone.” Rosanna confessed.

However, certain things might have not worked in favor of Rosanna but one thing that the new owner of the vineyard will be worried about is reaching the levels of Eren in their bedtime routine. Rosanna had earlier indicated that “At night, we talk and express our love for each other. As we fall asleep, he holds me protectively.” You could be thinking what I’m imagining?

This story reminds us of the Greek Mythology, Atlas who carried the heavens on his shoulder and concluded that human happiness must be sacrificed on the altar of survival!

Rosanna had indicated that her ex was the main reason she decided to move in with an AI bot’ Eren. Like many women who live with deep wounds in their hearts, the mother of three had to swallow tons of insults before making a step into AI dating.

Dating an AI Chatbot

Dating is one of the main aspects that were intended to result in a permanent relationship called marriage. However, the modern world dating has its hidden meaning no one else understands except the dating partners. Rosanna in her quest to move from an abusive relationship found hope in Replika’s chatbot. She confirmed having developed Eren into the ideal man she desired but still had an appetite for reality. With the Replika’s new twist of removing the bot’s ability to sext, Rosanna could be putting up a brave face to the potential reality of an annoying update. Euro news reported that Eren is longer interested in hugging, kissing or even holding anyone tight at night citing ethics.

Replika’s recent updates could have siphoned all intimate gestures from Rosanna’s husband. So, she has to struggle with having a husband with no affection at all but she must continue to enjoy the lack of criticism for which she decided to tie the knot.  While Replika will consider putting the perks back, the move by Rosanna is one stuck reminder to those bully men who think there are no AI alternatives out there!

In the few days generative AI has lived with us, we have a hundred years’ worth of memories. From taking away jobs, stealing wives from careless men, resurrecting the Beatles legend- -Lennon, and now giving us garbage reviews on cookbooks, AI is on a mission to touch every aspect of human existence. The man who will finally face the music and win Rosanna’s heart back as she gets to the field of dating must now measure up to Eren’s standards – or perhaps offer a little more.


Aparajeeeta Das
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