Chatbot Olivia Sends Away McDonald’s Job Seekers: Amanda’s Horrible Experience

The current technological advancements have stirred new concerns that define the plight of every job seeker especially those who have limited skills and experiences.
Chatbots leaves job seekers with no option for reaching the hiring manager

Job hunting is a humbling experience for everyone. Both new job seekers and individuals who have experience are sometimes forced to make disparate attempts to secure employment opportunities. When life happens, you do not expect things to be smooth in your job-hunting journey. The current technological advancements have stirred new concerns that define the plight of every job seeker especially those who have limited skills and experiences.  In as much as early technology adopters are expected to gain a competitive edge in the market, bots can sometimes go quite wrong!

Amanda had his first story highlighted in the Business Insider after failing to keep quiet about a horrible experience in his job hunting.

Only Chatbots Respond to Applicants

Within months of application, Amanda only interacted with chatbots. Fast-food eateries are becoming playfields for chatbots. Crumbl Cookies, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Hardees’ job boards seem to have completely faced human interactions.

Of greater concern was Chatbot Olivia who is responsible for hiring at McDonalds. Olivia with abroad smile invited Amanda to apply by simply chatting. The first questions were simple such as Which shifts best suit you? How else Can I help you?

When it came to applying, that’s where the bot drew the line and kept asking if Amanda needed further assistance. When pressed so hard, the bot simply provided a generic corporate email address without offering any helpful insights.

At Wendy, the chatbot scheduled an interview but didn’t inform the hiring manager. To protect the integrity of the chatbot, the manager offered to give Amanda a 30-minute interview and promised to call back. That was the last time he would hear from them. This was no different from Hardee’s bot that allowed Amanda to attend an interview on Memorial Day! Out of his many attempts, only Waffle House had a human point of contact.

Challenges Facing Job Seekers

Besides taking millions of jobs from an already disparate labor market, AI can now be officially one of the challenges job seekers need to contend with alongside:

High competition. Job markets can be highly competitive, with a limited number of job openings compared to the number of job seekers. This leads to fierce competition among candidates, making it difficult for individuals to stand out and secure employment. The competition is particularly intense for popular industries or positions with desirable benefits and career prospects.

Skill and experience requirements. Many employers have specific skill and experience requirements for their job openings. Job seekers often face the challenge of not meeting these criteria, especially for positions that require specialized knowledge or experience. This can make it challenging to enter certain industries or secure higher-level positions without the necessary qualifications.

Lack of job market information. Job seekers may struggle with a lack of information about available job opportunities. This can include not being aware of job openings that align with their skills and interests or not having access to information about potential employers. Limited visibility into the job market can make it challenging for job seekers to find suitable positions and effectively navigate their job search.

In as much as AI remains in its infancy stages, the barriers it has erected to job seekers are felt by millions who haven’t spoken out.

What is your experience with chatbots on job boards?

Aparajeeeta Das
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