YouTube has issued new rules for AI-generated Videos

YouTube has issued new rules for AI-generated Videos

In a recent YouTube official Blog, The YouTube Product Manager Vice President Jennifer Flannery O’Connor and Emily Moxley revealed that Youtubers have to disclose openly the production of modified or synthetic content that closely resembles reality, even if generated using AI tools or generative AI technology.

When creators upload content, they will be provided new options to indicate if their video contains realistic modified, or artificial material. For example, this might include an AI-created video portraying an event that never occurred or content featuring someone appearing to say or do something they never actually did.

The label will warn viewers that the video contains “altered or synthetic content.” O’Connor and Moxley also note a new label will be made for videos discussing “sensitive subjects” for topics like elections or ongoing conflicts worldwide.

YouTube’s latest announcement reflects its ongoing efforts to tackle misinformation and the rise of deepfake videos on the platform. These initiatives are taken to reduce the dangers of fake AI-generated videos, deepfakes, and scams.
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