The One Skill AI Can’t Replace in Future

Human skills enables you to demonstrate small acts of kindness that AI can never replace in an employee.
The One Skill AI cannot Replace

Artificial Intelligence (AI) especially ChatGPT continue to challenge every notion we have about jobs. When you thought music and singing is safer, AI Resurrected the Beatles Legend years after he was murdered in New York. Caregivers will have their fair share of tears too. We even imagined AI effects will not visit the territory of personalized services, “they don’t have emotional intelligence after all!”  Surprisingly, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hinted at letting the robots take care of his grandma. Doctors, teachers, data scientists and all professions have something to worry about as a result of ChatGPT development and AI in general. Indian coders are already drinking their own poison as 9 out of 10 surveyed experts are found to be using ChatGPT in a new survey. We’re yet to know what these data mean for their relevance in the future. These trends and more raise the question: Which skill will remain untouchable as ChatGPT removes every covering veil on our skills?

So, today we move to share one recent stories of the ONE skill AI cannot replace, now or in the future!

Kumar the Deal Breaker

It is Tuesday, June 2023 and he makes a U-turn to enter a gas station. He’s a well-built, quiet man with a pleasant demeanour. While drawing life to his engine tank, he notices a young blonde girl pulling into the gas station. Those modern ones you’d be mistaken to think live in their tomorrow. She has come to enjoy the service in quietness. Minutes before she could get back into her car since she was in some sort of a hurry, two men approached her.

It is not clear what they tell her but what Kumar collected from the not-so-comfortable altercation is “Leave me alone”. In his analytical mind, he quickly concludes that these are bullies! So, he moved closer and in complete confidence:

Kumar: You’ll be starting your new role for the film today darling?

Girl: Yes. The Director just informed me.

Kumar: Cool! I’ll prepare your favourite meal today

Girl: Hey, that’ll be great! I can’t wait to come home in the evening.

Kumar: See yah

Girl: (with a broad smile)

Kumar then walks back to his car and buys time as the two men walk away in fear. After they disappear, she tells Kumar that he had no idea how that was of great help and that he had saved her life.

The blonde girl and Kumar were strangers! Never met before and have never met after that incident. As he narrates the story, he hopes that someday, someone may show kindness to his daughter the same way he brought that girl out of the mess! No one can be careful enough not to get into a mess.

So, What Are Human Skills?

As technology rushes to compete with employees for positions, humanity seems to disappear. Many people emphasize their technical skills and think that it’s adequate for survival. However, small acts of kindness like these reflect the ONE skill that AI can never replace: Humanity.

Human skill refers to a set of personal attributes and interpersonal abilities that enable individuals to effectively interact and work with others. Unlike technical or hard skills, which are specific to a particular job or task, human skills are more general and applicable across various domains and professions.

The human skills include empathy, communication, adaptability, and trust-building. Harvard Business Review in explaining how to survive the digital age acknowledged the need to develop these human skills. Building a secure future in your organization is synonymous with developing the skills Before you suffer the axe in a ChatGPT-necessitated job cut, be human first!

You can read more on how ChatGPT is changing lives here:  ChatGPT also deeply stabbed James and other content writers who now walk dogs after being rendered jobless.

Aparajeeeta Das
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