European Union Announces Revolutionary AI Oversight Laws | AI News

European Union Announces Revolutionary AI Oversight Laws
European Union Announces Revolutionary AI Oversight Laws

European Union Announces Revolutionary AI Oversight Laws

The European Union passed the AI Act, the world’s first comprehensive set of rules governing artificial intelligence after a long 37-hour marathon negotiation between the European Parliament and EU member states.

European policymakers aimed to address the riskiest uses of AI by companies and governments, especially in law enforcement and vital services like water and energy management.

The A.I. Act, a new law, sets a global standard for using AI’s advantages while guarding against potential problems like job loss, online misinformation, and threats to national security and privacy. The Facial recognition software usage by police and governments will have limitations, except for specified safety and national security situations. Companies found violating these regulations could be fined up to 7% of their global sales.

Governments are allowed to use live biometric surveillance in public places only during serious threats like terrorist attacks.

They proposed new transparency rules for creators of major AI systems, like the technology behind ChatGPT. AI tools producing manipulated images (like “deepfakes”) would be required to indicate clearly that they were generated by AI, as outlined by EU officials and previous versions of the law.

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