AI Most Influential Events For Global Change 2023!

AI events in 2023

First drops of rain this autumn will remind us of the heatwaves we had to put up with in the highs of summer. It’s not the only hope, there is the fragrance of in-person AI events for 2023 that are aligned for you to meet peers and learn about the innovative ideas making a difference in the business world. As we are aware, Artificial Intelligence is transforming our world in numerous ways. It can revolutionize various sectors of industries and aspects of human lives like.

Let’s cut the chase. Here are some of the noticeable areas on how AI is changing the world…

Automation and Efficiency- AI powered systems can manage complex data analysis, problem solving, decision making which reduces our effort and time.

Personalized Experiences- Artificial intelligence understands our preferences, patterns and behavior which enables personalized recommendations by data analysis and ML algorithms.

Healthcare Advancements– Artificial intelligence algorithms analyze medical data like imaging scans and patient history care records, etc. which help in disease detection, early diagnosis of diseases. It is also contributing to the development of the medicine and drug industry.

Customer Service- Artificial intelligence chatbots help in giving 24/7 customer service support. But, it can handle a large volume of inquiries which leads to customer satisfaction.

Cyber Security and Fraud Detection– Artificial intelligence algorithms detect patterns of suspicious threats, identify anomalies, and prevent cyber frauds.

So, here’s just to name a few examples of how artificial intelligence is changing our world.

It is great opportunity for the enthusiasts in the Data and Artificial Intelligence area. You can attend the events and get benefited.

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World Summit AI,11-12 October 2023

Word Summit AI brings together global artificial intelligence ecosystem, Big Tech, Startups, Investors as well as Science. It is where the most powerful innovative and advanced artificial intelligence ideas are born. Speakers with brightest brains in artificial intelligence meet every year in Amsterdam and Montreal to tackle the most burning  artificial intelligence issues and form global artificial intelligence agenda.

This summit is a global force for good that will focus on data science and business communities on how most cutting edge tools can deliver a brighter future for all. This event always covers innovative stories of artificial intelligence in Action, Moonshots, Deep-dive Tech Talks, Responsible artificial intelligence, the Metaverse and many more.

AIEverything Gitex Event 16-20 Oct 2023

AiEverything is one of the world’s largest and powerful event featuring artificial intelligence. It is pleased to announce its planned event that brings together the world’s largest tech ecosystem; GITEX GLOBAL, Global DevSlam, XVERSE and Fintech Surge. It will be an opportunity to discover the world’s most dominant ecosystems advancing technology, showcasing innovation and instigating change. This change will enable modern transformation in artificial intelligence, robotics, HealthTech, DeepTech, EdTech, FinTech, Metaverse, among others.

This event is hosted by the UAE’s Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy & Remote Work Application Office. It will advance a more nuanced understanding of today’s artificial intelligence technology and its long term potential

Strategically co-located with GITEX, Ai-Everything experience positive impact from a globally impactful marketing campaign with a 42 year legacy, as it retains a unique focus on the global artificial intelligence

Ai4 2023 on Aug 7-9 at Las Vegas, USA.

Ai4 is the organizer of industry’s most important artificial intelligence events. It brings together business leaders and data proponents to promote AI and machine learning technology. Enterprise leaders from industry, investors, research labs, disruptive startups, government organizations, academia, media, open source projects and many others will meet to share artificial intelligence related ideas.

Why attend this Summit/Events on AI?

  • To explore all things about data, analytics and Artificial intelligence.
  • Listen to the data teams who are transforming the data and artificial intelligence industries through thought provoking panel discussions to networking opportunities.
  • Learn how to build and apply LLMs to your business.
  • Upgrade your skills with hands-on training and role-based certification courses.
  • Connect with data professionals from across the globe and learn more about latest innovations and technologies.

In sum, you will get an opportunity to listen to the valuable inputs from experts across the data and artificial intelligence community from various industries like Satya Nadella, Matei Zaharia, Lin Qiao, Robin Sutara, Daniela Rus, Adi Polak, Ali Ghodsi and many more.

Aparajeeeta Das
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