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Artificial Intelligence is finding its transformative impact in nearly all sectors including pharma industry. AI drug platforms have the capacity to streamline drug discovery processes, therefore developing better medicines that enhance more effective and efficient treatment. It has revolutionized drug discovery as it performs the process speedily than any other processes that takes many years to come up with even just a single medicine.

According to Grand View Research,” the global AI in drug discovery market was worth about $1.1 billion but could grow at a 30 % clip from 2023 to 2030″. Artificial intelligence is finding its use in discovering an array of drug targets. It improves drug developer’s ability to create molecules based on fine-grain criteria.

Insilico AI Platforms In Drug Discovery

Insilico Medicine has been using generative AI for years to come up with therapies for liberating diseases. The company’s early bet is on the right track. A drug candidate using Artificial Intelligence platform is now into phase two for clinical trials.  The platform is progressively developing the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a rare respiratory disease that causes decline in the function of the lungs.

To develop its pulmonary fibrosis drug candidate, Insilico build on a previous hypothesis. It trained its deep neural network on omics as well as clinical datasets to predict tissue fibrosis. This process led to the use of Insilico’s PandaOmics target discovery system that identified targets through deep future selection, de novo pathway reconstruction and causality inference.

Insilico used Chemestry42, generative chemistry platform for drug discovery. The platform incorporates generative and scoring engines to develop hit compound from scratch. It took eighteen months to identify the target  to nominate a promising candidate for this trial. The company’s future insight for AI systems is towards personalized drug discovery.

Exscientia the AI Drug Discovery Firm

Exscientia is an Artificial Intelligence- driven medicine company devoted to discovering and designing best viable drugs in a more faster and effective way. Few months ago, the firm announced a sixth molecule which was created through its generative artificial intelligence platform to enter clinical stage.

Exscientia’s pipeline has accurate oncology programs , such as EXS74539 and AEX73565, together with initiation of phase 1/2 trials for A2A receptor antagonist EXS21546. The company’s AI- driven platform has a highly efficient and advanced drug discovery  process, remarkably reducing time and costs associated with  traditional methods.

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Causaly $60 Million Breakthrough for its AI Platform For Drug Discovery

Casualy, a biomedical research Artificial Intelligence platform has snapped $60 million that will be channeled to drug discovery process. It presented a hopeful insight in announcing a funding round to expand its own contribution to the field. This will help researchers accelerate the development and testing of drugs, therefore coming up with medicines that will combat certain illnesses.

The platform’s mission is to provide solutions that will best address the complexities in drug discovery process and empowering scientists to gain a deeper understanding of underlying disease biology.

Syntekabio Revolutionizing AI Drug Discovery

Syntekabio is global Artificial Intelligence drug discovery and development firm . In collaboration with the U.S, operations, the firm brings innovative technologies and science to create transformative medicines worldwide for curing diseases.

Syntekabio launched STB CLOUD,  AI- based drug discovery platform with a solution of finding new drug candidates. Running on the company’s own super-computing infrastructure, the cloud platform is driven genomic big data and the recent Artificial Intelligence technology. Integration of Deepmatcher,a small molecule drug discovery platform has given rise to a more effective process. It has mechanized AI computing function within its super computing hardware environment and database into the cloud system. See here.

“We live in a rapidly changing world with constant disruptions by new and advanced technologies. STB CLOUD is an instant game changer for faster, easy and more accurate drug discovery. This landmark achievement will undoubtedly strengthen Syntekabio’s position in the competitive artificial intelligence drug discovery industry. Bringing STB CLOUD to the global marketplace has been a tremendous en-devour by our exceptional scientists and engineers”,said the CEO of Syntekabio.

In general, AI drug platforms makes discovery faster and more efficient and hence cost effective. Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the pharma industry therefore developing medicines that best tackle the underlying diseases. It has become a game-changer offering efficient, accurate and accelerated drug development and personalized treatment.

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