World’s New Sweating AI Robot Spotted in The Streets

World’s New Sweating AI Robot Spotted in The Streets

You probably heard that it was said that robots don’t breathe, sweat, or shiver! We know them as mechanical or electronic devices, without a biological system that requires temperature regulation. However, scientific discovery has enabled us to witness ANDI, the sweating AI robot. They typically rely on cooling mechanisms such as fans, heat sinks, or liquid cooling systems to dissipate excess heat generated by their components. These cooling methods are different from the natural cooling process of sweating seen in living organisms.

Well, people sweat and we don’t like it either except in the gyms!

Scientists at Arizona State University (ASU)in the US successfully challenged this notion when they unveiled ANDI – the sweating AI robot. In the words of the principal research investigator – Konrad Rykaczewski as reported by the Independent.

“ANDI sweats, he generates heat, shivers, walks, and breathes.” Konrad Rykaczewski

Additionally, Ankit Joshi who is ANDI’s lead operator also confirmed the increased focus on creating different models based on age characteristics, and medical conditions to get an insight into human thermal regulations.

While ANDI reported accurate and amazing results within the Warm Room where he had been residing all his life, scientists have now resorted to pairing him with MaRTy – his walking buddy which is a biometeorological heat robot.  The first appearance is expected within the ASU campus. In this historical stroll, MaRTy will be solely responsible for recording temperatures that hit ANDI’s body and his reactions.

We all hate to sweat and the odour that comes with it, right? So, why is ANDI’s sweating important to us?

Importance of the Sweating AI Robot

Sweating AI robots aren’t new. Some 10 sweating robots reside in clothing companies to help with garment testing. However, ANDI is new and unique as it will be the first Sweating robot to be spotted outdoors!

While you may think this is an insignificant breakthrough, it is one of the greatest inventions of our time. We leave in the age of global warming.  According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), extreme heatwaves have reached 49.6 oC resulting in wildfires. Currently, firemen are still battling Forest fires in New Jersey. This is the only research that will create significant outcomes in thermal regulation to help the current and future generations to leave peacefully on this planet burdened by greenhouse emissions.

ANDI’s data will also serve as a breakthrough for health professionals by providing insights into high temperatures that may cause harm to city dwellers. Given its outdoor capabilities, ANDI will now be used to assess how the human body responds to heat.

The AI robot also serves as a breakthrough for future research on sweating and thermal regulation in humans. Joshi hinted at using ANDI to access extreme temperatures and accomplish some of the difficult-to-reach information that will redefine human health.

As the sweating AI robot traverses the terrains of ASU this summer, it will be a sight to behold. If you see him and his counterpart MaRTy, you can smile in the hope of greater breakthroughs in the medical field. Even so, greater purposes will be on the pipeline as humanity grapples with the threat of social, environmental, and economic challenges.

AI robot inventions such as ANDI will be the only hope to hang on in these trying times. The new invention will not only be a breakthrough in the medical field but also redefine approaches to environmental pollution. With the increasing need to address climate change, many countries will now wait for artificial intelligence technology breakthroughs in thermoregulation to address wider environmental challenges.

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