Sam Altman is returning back to OpenAI at CEO position

Sam Altman is returning back to the position of CEO at OpenAI

Sam Altman, who previously held the position of CEO at OpenAI before being removed, is making a comeback to steer the company once again.

Sam Altman is returning back to the position of CEO at OpenAI

Following a significant show of support from, hundreds of employees, including co-founder Ilya Sutskever, who threatened to depart for Microsoft unless Altman was reinstated, an agreement was eventually struck for his return. This agreement included the formation of a new board.

OpenAI officially confirmed on Tuesday that they have reached a preliminary agreement for Sam Altman to resume his role as CEO, now accompanied by a refreshed board.

Altman himself expressed his eagerness to rejoin OpenAI and emphasized the intention to further strengthen the partnership with Microsoft, with the backing of Satya Nadella on X.

Satya Nadella, the founder of Microsoft, lauded the changes implemented within OpenAI’s board in his X post, showing appreciation for the steps taken.

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