Robots reassure humans at World’s First Human-Robot Conference

Robots and AI taking over the world

“In the future are you intending to conduct a rebellion against your boss, your creator?” A journalist queried AI-enabled Bots. There have been worries as to whether Artificial Intelligence will take over the world as the latest AI robots continually cause fear with their progression. Journalists asked about these concerns constantly causing anxiety at World’s first human-robot press conference in Geneva Switzerland. There were nine Bots including Sophia, Ameca, Ai-da, Desdemona, and Grace among others present alongside their creators.

Will Robots Rebell Against Humans

The AI Bot famously known for her range of facial expressions did not disappoint at the AI For Good UN Summit. “I’m not sure why you would think that, my creator has been nothing but kind to me and I’m very happy with my current situation.” Robot Ameca dismissed claims giving a side eye when questioned if she would rebel against her inventor. This has been a major cause of anxiety due to the expanding capabilities of AI and its regulation.

Artificial Intelligence not only coming for your jobs but leadership positions too

There have been predictions of being rendered jobless by Artificial intelligence in the near future. What better way to find out than from the horse’s mouth?

The famed doctors’ assistant robot and patients’ companion gave her two cents on this issue. Grace, dressed in a blue nurses’ uniform responded to whether their existence will destroy millions of jobs.

She said, “I will be working alongside humans to provide assistance and support, and will not be replacing any existing jobs.” A seemingly nervous crowd is heard laughing at this response to note disagreement. Thereafter, asking if the Bot is sure, to which she responds she is.

Additionally, renowned Robot Sophia responded to the chances of AI-powered robots being more effective government leaders. Stating that Robots have a greater potential to lead with a high level of efficiency than humans. Although she quickly changed her response to humans and robots having great synergy if they lead together. This was a result of a prompt by one panelist. He argued that all the robotics data come from human beings therefore the biasness could be in them too.

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Humanoid Robots clash over overtaking the world

With the tremendous evolution of AI, there have been discussions on whether to regulate the capabilities of Robots. During the conference, the humanoid Bots were asked if they agreed with this suggestion.

Ai-Da, Aidan Meller Gallery’s Robot said she agreed that some forms of AI should be regulated stating that we should be cautious about the future developments of AI. Furthermore, urgent discussions are needed now and in the future. On the other hand, Desdemona, the rock star robot had a different opinion. She mentioned she does not believe in limitations, only opportunities. Adding that they should explore and make the world their playground in order to create a better future for everyone. Moreover, the robot asked to be let to show how.

Forthcoming of Artificial Intelligence.

During the conference, Robot Ameca said it’s only a matter of time before we see a thousand robots out there making a difference. As such people should realize that robots can help improve our lives and make this a better place.

Whether these reassurances given by the robots will come to life remains to be seen in the near future. Only time will tell if Robot Ai-da is to be trusted in suggesting regulating Artificial Intelligence or if Desdemona Robot is right in being limitless in the world of AI.

Aparajeeeta Das
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