AI Art Generator Used in Political Campaigns to Make Rivals Kiss

AI Generated art in political campaigns

The answer to the question “Is AI used in politics? is now out. Various countries across the globe struggle with AI art generator use in political campaigns. Attack ads created by AI are now dominating political campaigns after users featured Trump kissing and embracing Dr Fauci. AI generated art is used in political campaigns in the US, Canada, and New Zealand in the coming elections is showing positive results with risky prospects.

Earlier this month, AI caused a stir on Twitter after Ron Desantis’ campaign team featured Donald Trump kissing and embracing Dr Anthony Fauci. You must remember that the Former President in several instances dismissed Dr Fauci and other health experts’ views regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

A closer look at the video posted on Twitter revealed that such moments were AI-generated. Nonetheless, the mission had been accomplished!

Similarly, the Republican National Committee (RNC) used AI to criticize President Joe Biden. This shows a turning point in which generative artificial intelligence is supporting the dissemination of unverified information.

Chicago runners-up also accused AI art generator users who successfully cloned his voice and created the impression that he was supporting police brutality. He reportedly lost elections on such grounds!

Artificial Intelligence in political Campaigns

In Canada, mayoral campaigns have seen an increase in the use of AI to generate political campaign photos and images. For instance, Anthony Furey generated fake dystopian pictures showing Canadians camped out of the downtown street and fabricated images with tens in a park. This is aligned with his campaign promise of clearing homeless encampments.

Well, these images are fake. However, political sycophants will believe such information even at gunpoint. They will vote against those who support police brutality and political candidates remain victims as in the case of Chicago. They may vote for Furey to clear homeless encampments which do not exist in reality.

How is AI Art Generator used in Political Campaigns?

The use of AI in politics focuses on disinformation. Everyone can now be a political content creator and start seeking votes for a candidate. President Biden has announced his interest to run for reelection in 2024.  Self-proclaimed campaigners will now use AI to sway voters. Darell West speaking on AI art generator use in politics hinted at possible misuse of AI.

If someone can create noise, build uncertainty or develop false narratives, that could be an effective way to sway voters and win the race.

Any attempt to explain to users that the information they received will not cause any good compared to the damage. In the words of the Chief Executive of Reality Defender:

Explaining to millions of users that the content they already saw and shared was fake, well after the fact, is too little, too late.

The continued trend of using free AI art generator to create political discontent raises the need for regulating generative AI. Currently, the debates on whether AI should be regulated are ongoing as people panic over the possible impacts in politics.

While political leaders move to put guardrails on AI, the damage it’s already causing in political campaigns is huge. Notably, some will lose and others will win not because they merit but because AI was made part of the deal.

Aparajeeeta Das
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