Gen-2 Artificial Intelligence set to Change Content Creation

Gen-2 artificial Intelligence and content creation

Tom’s guide prompts Gen-2 Artificial Intelligence , “Orange tabby cat”, Output is of high-res clips with fine detail in fur, whiskers, and a dreamy look. The New AI tool is completely changing how you create video content from simply typing a text prompt and receiving a video in return.

This is the new reality as shooting video content has become a thing of the past thanks to Generative AI. Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of inventing ways to expedite production. As a result, Gen-2 AI dubbed No Lights, No Camera Just Action is here to assist multimedia content creators generate videos from text prompts. Over and above focused on pushing boundaries of creativity.

Where Gen-2 AI all began

A shared curiosity about AI’s creative potential by three NYU students of art school has built a renowned startup company. Runway is building AI-powered tools geared toward revolutionizing production for moviemakers, cinematographers, and photographers. Chris Valenzuela, Alejandro Matamala, and Anastacia Germanidis are the brains behind the magic that is Gen-2.

It is a progression of Gen-1, a video-generating system AI that can generate videos from existing video prompts. On the other hand, Gen-2 Artificial Intelligence allows the generation of videos using a text prompt.

This Artificial Intelligence software is a groundbreaking development in the world of Artificial intelligence and content creation. Owing to this, creators using videos for film production will reduce content creation’s expensive and time-consuming nature.

Generative AI Well-wishers

Generative AI’s potential has driven various companies to pour billions of dollars in terms of investment into startup companies. As such, Runway is valued at $ 1.5 billion in its latest round of funding by Alphabet-owned Google and Nvidia. This brings the company’s total raised to $ 237 million as revealed by close sources. Due to this, the company has been ranked as one of the better-funded generative AI startups.

Gen-2 Artificial Intelligence launched in February is now publicly available after being limited to waitlist access. This is the first commercially available generative AI to generate a text-to-video model. The other available ones are mostly never available to the public other than to Tech experts.

The Good, bad, and Ugly of Gen-2 AI

A closer review of the AI tool on what it can and can’t accomplish leads to some conclusions.

The framerate of the four-second-long videos is quite low to the point where it is nearly slideshow-like. Additionally, Gen-2 tends to share a blurry nature in the videos it creates, almost like an old filter applied. However, more than anything else, producing videos only four seconds long has been the worst limitation.

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Nevertheless, anything with cons surely has its pros and so is Gen -2 AI tool.

Gen-2 Ai’s ability to generate a video from a text is extremely mind-blowing for any film producer and content creator. To a greater extent now that social media has become a major platform for content consumption. This reduces the amount of time spent on the production of videos.

Other generative AI models like DALL-E 2 have demonstrated societal bias as reported by TechCrunch. On the contrary, Gen-2 Artificial Intelligence surpasses some of these surface-level bias tests.  It generated a video of people of all genders from a prompt of a CEO walking into a conference room. Additionally, a video of a woman faintly Asian from a prompt of a doctor working in an office

The Future of Gen-2 Artificial Intelligence

Runway reported training of the model on an internal data set of 240 million images and 6.4 million video clips. As to whether Gen -2 AI will take over the creative industry is yet to be seen. Even so, this generative AI is to improve its ability as it continues to get different prompts going forward.

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