Garbage AI Reviews Hit Amazon Clients Hard with Awful Cookbooks

Navigating through thousands of snake oil salesmen only to land on a sea of AI publications on Amazon is quite frustrating!
Garbage AI Customer Reviews Hit Amazon Clients Hard with Awful Cookbooks

Customers welcomed the idea AI Reviews open arms. Amazon announced the plan to use generative AI in developing product summaries. After all, AI is replacing us all, so we better accept and use it for our good! Nonetheless, customers now see the efforts put by the e-retailer in using generative AI as a pointless roundtrip; Using AI to solve a problem created by AI.

Books written by AI with a 2023 label are now full on Amazon’s shelves. Navigating through thousands of snake oil salesmen only to land on a sea of AI publications on Amazon is quite frustrating! All the 5-star reviews contained false information. Those reviews that AI will now summarize are pure garbage. As one customer said: Why must AI stand in my way of getting better?

How AI Garbage Reviews Are Misleading Customers

Mark had Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. For those who had social moments at school let’s just call it lupus. His appointments with a dietician have made him some sort of a junior consultant in terms of the dos and don’ts of cooking. However, desiring to get a bit more ideas he resorted to looking up to Amazon and purchasing a cookbook that will enhance her skills of self-care.

Since he’s been a victim of product returns on e-commerce platforms, he decided to rely on customer reviews. He’d be willing to raise his budget as long as the cookbook has passed the customer review tests.  After selecting the one with a straight 5-star rating, here is a list of mistakes he has been served:

1. The picture is nothing closer to a human-made meal

2. Cooking directions are generic and untrue “Boil pasta for a bit”

3. The meal plan only consists of Kale chips for dinner and;

The author claims that the items in the book are not anti-inflammatory and include wheat and beacon.

Imagining the pain someone with no idea of what lupus and the necessary diet would go through, he rushes back to the reviews to take a read. One of the 5-star reviews stands out “Love this movie!! My children and I watch it every night before I tuck them in!”

Why would they watch a cookbook movie like that??  Sounds like with the invention of generative AI, everyone with their grandma launched a book writing on topics they have no idea about. Then the same AI gives them 5-star reviews at the detriment of customers. Worst of all is that Amazon just looks the other way when their customers are suffering at the hands of AI.

These occurrences come at a time customers are still reflecting on the words of Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy in April who pointed out that generative AI will “transform and improve virtually every customer experience.”

Nonetheless, Reece Hayden, Senior Research Analyst has poured cold water on this possibility saying that “The possibility of hallucinations will be a worry for customers and merchants.”

While many continue to grapple with these new inventions, customers are yet to come to terms with bogus reviews siphoning all trust in Amazon products.

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Aparajeeeta Das
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