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Artificial Intelligence Resurrects The Beatles Lennon after 50 Years

Decades after his death, AI has done what we never imagined – Resurrected Lennon’s voice.
Artificial intelligence resurrects Lennon's voice in the Beatles 50 years after his death

John Lennon shouldered The Beatles brand before he was shot and killed on the 8th of December 1980. While Paul McCartney was and remains a force to reckon with in vocals, Lennon’s stamp in The Beatles is not erasable. The pop Adept McCartney Paul and Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono have lived with the memory and hope of listening to this Icon. Lovers of the Beatles also kept their appetite tickling for Lennon’s voice. Decades after his death, AI has done what we never imagined – Resurrected Lennon’s voice. The Beatles will have their final record live with Lennon’s voice!

Attempts to Release The Beatles Failed Before The Birth Of ChatGPT

If you think they never tried to resurrect Lennon’s voice then you’ve got it all wrong.  Sir Paul McCartney in his words to BBC Radio 4 “The song had a chorus but it almost totally lacking in verses. We did the backing track, a rough go that we really didn’t finish.”

George Harrison, their editor could not have any of the work and simply rubbished it. Four decades later the hope of having Lennon’s voice on stage is real after Jackson – the editor used ChatGPT.

Attempts to get Lennon on The Beatles’ later releases had failed miserably due to either background noise or poor quality issues. There are speculations among fans that even the 2009 version was stolen from Lennon’s apartment after he was shot.

However, ChatGPT has given Life to this voice and eased Paul’s struggles!

So, how did They do it?

We were able to take John’s voice and get it pure through this AI so that then we could mix the record as you would normally do. So, it gives you some sort of leeway. Sir Paul McCarty as reported by the BBC

Many people get it wrong when it comes to using ChatGPT. So, if you’re that buddy who thinks that you’ll sit on a couch and command ChatGPT in gods voice “Sing a Michael Jackson verse” then you have a clean album, sorry!

You’re wrong…

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How to use ChatGPT

To use ChatGPT effectively, start by clearly stating your question or providing specific instructions. Keep your queries concise and avoid excessive or ambiguous language. If you have any specific requirements or constraints, mention them upfront. It’s also helpful to ask follow-up questions to clarify any ambiguous responses.

We must come to the reality that Peter Jackson’s magic played a crucial role in resurrecting Lennon’s voice. Jackson’s commands were specific. This is how the communication between him and ChatGPT supposedly went down:

Jackson: Hi buddy?

ChatGPT: Hello, how can I assist you today?

Jackson: This is a guitar; do you know it?

ChatGPT: Yes, I’m familiar with guitars.

Jackson: Please lose the guitar from that voice

ChatGPT: I’m still thinking … Yes, I did it! I hope I didn’t infringe on any copyright laws by undertaking this action.

Jackson: Yes. Thank you

ChatGPT: You’re welcome! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I’m here to help.

Simple, right?

Those who never had an opportunity to listen to a new release from The Beatles will now have a taste of the band’s original record. The last of its kind!

While we welcome the new breakthrough with open arms, we’re inwardly frightened of what the future of the music industry will look like in the hands of ChatGPT and AI in general.


Aparajeeeta Das
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