Press Release –’s Data and AI Services, AI News and beyond

Press Release –’s Data and AI Services, AI News and beyond

Press Release at Cission News Wire: provides Data and AI services, AI News and beyond

Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — InstaMart, the world’s first AI marketplace, launched on 1st of October 2021, brings in a new platform for trading of AI apps, AI models, AI services and AI Learnings. Aparajeeta Das, the founder of InstaMart, a serial business owner, says that with InstaMart, businesses can search and find suitable AI apps & services with reviews and recommendations for their businesses’ needs under one roof. The AI apps category in InstaMart contains apps like chatbots, ML enabled analytical solutions, semantic search engines, AI/ML solutions, auto description writers, automated SEO, and a lot more.

Studies show that roughly 403,000 AI apps have been active in 2019. By 2021, we can expect a 600% rise in the production of new AI apps. Various apps are listed in various marketplaces, websites or stores. But now enterprises can come to InstaMart, one common marketplace to get the needed app with one search.


It is an unique opportunity for vendors as well. They can list their AI apps or AI services and reach millions of visitors on this platform. App owners can also put up an ad on InstaMart to easily grab the attention of buyers. As Aparajeeta Das also says, “AI app and AI service owners will get the opportunity to showcase their offerings in this worldwide AI marketplace and get rated with reviews. Reviews will be scrutinized by Instamart’s executive tech team, before even publishing it so that those are legitimate, constructive and respectful.”.

Enterprises looking for AI apps and AI services can compare and understand which is the best-suited one for their requirement. As CEO of ThirdEye Data, Dj Das puts it, “Many provide AI ML services. However, which one should be selected? InstaMart aims to solve exactly this for the executive management team.” Therefore, both buyers and sellers will benefit from InstaMart.

At InstaMart, businesses will get Data and AI Services, Training and AI News. “People are searching for the best AI apps & services on the internet. InstaMart will provide these along with reviews and recommendations.” quotes, Prithwish Dey, the Chief Marketing Officer of InstaMart.

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