AI In Agriculture Works Magic for Increased Food Production in Africa

AI in agriculture increasing food production in Africa

Climate change poses a major threat across the Sub-Saharan counties leading to food insecurity. AI in agriculture is integrated as part of the new technologies that are transforming food production In Africa. It is transforming crop management practices as well as empowering African farmers with real -time data and insights. In modern-driven world, artificial intelligence(AI) is leaving its imprint in agriculture.

Estimation of Africa population is set to reach 2.6 billion by 2050.For this case, AI in agriculture aims at improving food production and utilization to enhance food security. It stands out as one of the most powerful technologies that can make African population smile for the future.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tool uses satellite remote sensing and machine learning. It has the ability to perform agricultural yield production of key crops across Africa. The final result is that it mitigates the harms of climate change and other crisis the continent is facing

Moreover, AI in agriculture has helped the African farmers to overcome the traditional constrains. These include limited access to market and financial resources. It has made farmers connect with buyers, ensuring fair prices as well as reducing post-harvest losses.

By facilitating access to credit and insurance services , AI based systems can also give empowerment to farmers. This makes them invest in modern agricultural techniques, machinery and inputs thereby increasing food productivity.

AI in Agriculture Revolutionizing Farming in Zambia

In Zambia, there are an estimation of over 22,000 farmers that are using AI. With the use of AgriPredict, an AI- backed mobile app they can access helpful information about weather patterns and the disease affecting their crops.

This has become a new breakthrough to the Zambians. In the long run, food production has transformed tremendously. See more here

Use of AI in Agriculture Empowers Smallholder Farmers In Africa

The major source of income for most part of Africa stand out to be agriculture. However, many are small-scale farmers who form the backbone of agriculture. They have not been left out from the benefit of AI.

Traditionally, Africa has been having the challenge of limited information. Therefore, AI in agriculture has bridged the gap by providing vital information such as weather forecast, market prices and the best farming practices to increasing food production.

Ghana Adopting AI powered tools in Agriculture

AI in agriculture is taking tall in Ghana. Estimation of 33m smallholder farms in Africa, contributes up to 70% of the food supply, therefore the need for better change. AI has impacted Africa with food security. Farmers in particular, are set to benefit. See here

One project is helping Ghanaian cashew farmers use unmanned aerial vehicles in AI powered disease detection innovation

Data are collected by flying robots about the leaves, stems and trunks of the cashew trees. This allows farmers to detect pest and diseases symptoms before they become visible to serious crop damage.

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While large-scale farming operations appear to dominate the world’s food production, smallholder farming, or farms that are five acres or less, actually account for nearly 35% of the total food production in the world.

In addition, five out of six producers, or 83% of all farmers, are considered smallholders. Because of this, there is an urgent need to place smallholders at the front and center of innovation in AI used for agricultural purposes. See here

Overall, AI in agriculture has the capability to collect, analyze and do interpretation of data. By leveraging AI-powered sensors, drones and satellites, African farmers can have access to information about soil condition , weather patterns and many other sectors.

AI in agriculture has vast benefits. Its incorporation in the sector brings hope for Africans and its future. In turn, agriculture is boosted to a bigger percentage ensuring surplus food production. As AI continue to penetrate and influence agricultural activities, the benefits are becoming increasingly apparent.


Aparajeeeta Das
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