The Leadership Team at

The agile team at consists of mainly technology engineers and management leaders. The team serves fortune 500 customers with it's product and services. It is an angel backed US government certified small business.  

Aparajeeta Das

Founder & CEO,

Aparajeeta Das, a computer science engineer has served 50 plus customers globally building systems using cutting-edge Data and AI technologies at companies like eBay, Amazon, Google, Cisco, Ford, Marvell Technology and many more saving millions of dollars for her clients. She is a serial business woman and a tech investor in Silicon Valley. She regularly supports under privileged families globally providing them personal counseling on how to be independent financially.

Murali Hariharan

Advisor, (DevSecOps,AI)

Mural, after his B.Tech from IIT, Bombay, contributed with his management and in depth technical skills, to several Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Intuit, Verizon, Home Depot and many more. He brings in his hands on skills and best practices in Development, Security and Operations for as an advisors to our practices and products. His hobbies are to try new AI technologies these days.

Juyel Haque

Chief Architect,

Juyel Haque brings in DevSecOps expertise into the team. His experiences in setting up infrastructures for fortune 500 customers empowers the delivery to serve at it's best to's customers. He regularly trains students on DevSecOps globally. His hobbies are always to explore current trends in technologies and build a quick Prototype on his own laptop.

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